Video: my interview with CommPRO’s Brian Pittman

Earlier today, my interview with Brian Pittman – part of his “DESKSIDE WITH…” series – was posted to CommPRO, a marketing communications industry news hub.   Here ‘tis:

I’ll admit that I thought the final video would have been an edited to 4-5 minutes, but the final product clocks in at a meaty 12:51.   If you haven’t got that much time to spend, here’s what we cover:

  • 00:11:  What I’m working on now – moving organizations from “plans” to “capabilities”
  • 00:50:  Crisis implications/lessons on WikiLeaks on companies
  • 4:21:  Biggest mistakes brands make when bad news breaks (hint:  they’re not aligned!)
  • 6:19:  Common elements of companies that manage crises well through social media  (hint:  they’re aligned!)
  • 8:33:  Crisis preparedness New Year’s resolutions
  • 10:18:  How to align crisis response among PR, advertising, marketing, investor relations and corporate communications disciplines and agency partners  (hint:  get aligned before a crisis happens!)

If you have any feedback on the interview, share it with me below.  (And, yes, I know I need a better webcam.)


Dec. 24 Update:  Crisisblogger (and expert) Gerald Baron was kind enough to refer his readers to this interview on his blog.  Thanks, Gerald!

Jan. 20 Update:  It’s nice to see my European colleague Dirk Popp feature this video interview on his blog.  Thanks, Dirk!

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