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Two sets of keys for crisis communications


Fellow blogger and crisis manager, Bill Salvin, recently posted on three keys for crisis communications in the digital age. The keys he shares are honesty, speed and images.

Here are excerpts from each key:

Honesty: Let everyone on your team know that your integrity is the most valuable commodity you have in a crisis and […]

Where were the paid pessimists?

A look into some marketing and promotional snafus and how they could have been avoided with a crisis management perspective […]

“Ask the Crisis Manager” Vol 1., No. 1: Clear steps, disaster communications and social media in a crisis

I received a terrific first wave of questions for this feature — thanks to all for participating! To maintain my post-brevity rule, I’ll post three answers at a time and queue up other questions in future editions.

Keep those questions coming by posting here, or through Twitter.

Onward — to your questions….